Server Information

Rates Base exp Job exp Quest exp MvP exp Drop rate Drop rate Card
50x 50x 50x 30x 30x Normal:5% MiniBoss:1% MVP:1%
Max Level 175/60
Jobs/Classes All 3rd Jobs, Rebellion, Oboro/Kagerou, Star Gladiator, Soul Linker & Summoner (Doram)
Max Stats 130
Max ASPD 193
WoE Days Wednesday, Saturday

Server Features


  • ·Renewal Mechanism
  • ·Episode 16.1 Banquet for Heroes
  • ·Instances: Hazy Forest, Octopus Cave, Wolfchev's Laboratory, Ghost Palace, Isle of Bios, Sealed Shrine, Endless Tower, Bakonowa Lake, Morse's Cave, Malangdo Culvert, Old Glast Heim, Faceworm Nest, Temple of Demon God, Nightmarish Jitterbug, Bangungot Hospital, Horror Toy Factory, Nidhoggur's Nest, Buyawa Cave, Charleston Factory, Infinite Space.
  • ·Mount: You can get your permanent mount to ride everywhere for free for everyjob!

Quest & NPCs

  • ·Hat Maker - Hundreds of hats for you to create!
  • ·Custom NPCs (Warp NPC, Stylist, Job Changer, Healer, Card Remover, Rental etc!)
  • ·Custom Refiner in town with unbreakable refine! up to +20!
  • ·Vending Market Palace - Buy/Sell with player vending in Amatsu!
  • ·Shopping Mall - Custom NPC in town to sell all kind of eq/materials!
  • Much more!

Event System

  • ·Gold Room - You can earn gold point inside the room to exchange AMAZING stuff!
  • ·MVP Ladder - Team with your member to challenge MVP Ladder to get AMAZING prizes!
  • ·MVP ROOM - You can fight any MVP any time in the room with your party/guild or SOLO.
  • ·Morroc RUN - Race with your team in MORROC town to enjoy the FUN!
  • ·Lottery - Get your own ticket for LUCKY DRAW Lottery! Pay less Gain More!
  • Much more!


  • Increased party share limit to 175!
  • No death penalty.


  • 500+ Cloth Colors.
  • Giant House
  • Much More!


  • PvP variations
  • BG special balance!
  • Useful @commands